Championship Rules

The Army Lists

Players participating in the tournament must bring all their own miniatures, unit cards and dice. Each player also needs to prepare an army list for 125 points plus eventual faction/block bonus.

To recive a 10 % (13 points) faction bonus you need to have 94 points or more of faction units in your army.

Participants must send their army lists on email delivered by organizers before set date. The list should cover each unit used in the army, it’s point cost and the total army point cost.

Proxies and Conversions

Proxies (substitute miniatures) are not allowed under any circumstances. All miniatures must be Dust miniatures.

Conversions (modifications to Dust miniatures) are acceptable as long as the converted unit can still be recognized for what it is.

Tournament Rules

Apart from any recent FAQ’s you can find the tournament rules for this event below


The tournament is broken down into a series of 150 minutes rounds in which all players participate.

The player pairings for the first round will be randomly determined. For each round after the first, all pairings and ranks are based on player win/loose ratio. Players will be paired with opponents based on their total match points from all completed games.


A player is awarded 3 points for each win, 1 point for each draw, and 0 points for each loss. These points will determine final player standing after Saturday games.

Odd number of players

Sometimes there will be an odd number of players, making it impossible to create a pair for everyone participating. In this case, the player without a pair receives a bye, granting them 3 points for the round.

The player with the bye will be randomly determined from the players with the fewest match points (or randomly in the first round).


All  battles (apart from grand finale) take place on earlier planned and publicly posted maps. Cover elements are set up using the rulebook ruling, before the first initiative throw.

For each map there is also a set type of scenario. In default at the start of the game players set up 2 tank traps and 2 ammo in the areas marked. The scenario is being randomly chosen for each pair of players. Each game ends after 10 turns or 150 minutes until official round start announced by the organizers.

After each scenario the players will be asked to count how much army points they lost and who won the scenario. In the event of a draw during reveal of the final players the player who eliminated most unit points and won the same number of scenarios passes forward.

Detailed scenario maps are available in the Scenarios tab of this site.


During the game players may at all time check the opponent cards and army list. Players should cooperate with their opponents when seeking answers to rules questions or confusions. Fair-play and overall positive altitude should be maintained.

The main point of the tournament is to have fun in a positive environment. In case of misbehavior the participant can be forced by the organizers to leave the tournament.

Rules disputes/Unclear ruling

In case of subjects not stated in the rules the tournament organizer always makes the last call.

All persons participating in the tournament automatically agree to obey the rules at all time.

In case of an event uncovered in the game rules, or unclear the decision about the ruling is taken tournament organizer.