Future of 2020 Champs

Dear friends and colleagues
2020 is a strange and difficult year for many of us. I hope you are all well and safe. For the last few weeks I was hoping that both virus and all country restrictions would be gone by the time of EU Champs.

Sadly it seems this won’t happen and it will take much longer for us to recover and restore international travel. At the moment it’s also illegal to have such a big gathering in Poland. While I’m sure it would be possible to run the event in June – traveling for all of our great players might be a problem or even an impossible task.

Because of that I created this pool. I would like to know your opinion on the matter. Would you like to try to come to us in June (if it will be legal we will surely have a small scale event in Warsaw) or choose one of later dates for the official event – or you don’t want to travel this year at all. Please let us know!

Whatever you decide – remember! Your health and well-being is the most important of all!
Stay safe and hope to see you soon

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Time Travel #2

This time we go back to 2018!


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Second mission!

Tower of Babel

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Your first assignment!

Mission #1 - Cornered

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Time for Time Travel!

Revisit with us the great EU Champs of 2017
Gallery link – https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO5UXr42PHkhRCop5SnQ7yNIbQTXTPwd2Zk7S4W65TlaLTtUKgyqfMAECOoTCcyWw?key=Y1pWNGxVSFFrcGRHbDQwSnpEb1hpTG8wUi1qWWNB

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Promo Movie!

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Tournament location

This year’s championship will be held at the below location:

Venue name: Centrum Sportów Umysłowych
Street: Polinezyjska 10
Post Code: 02-777
City: Warsaw

Centrum Sportów Umysłowych (in English – center for brain games) is a well known location that serves poker, chess and other classic games tournaments and meetings. This year it’s door will open also for Dust players. The venue is located in southern Warsaw, next to a Czech restaurant, a supermarket and 5 minutes of slow walk from a nearby metro station (Imielin).




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EU Champs 2020 announced!


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Main Entrance!


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Heat Wave Attack

Boys and girls. The heat wave is getting worse and worse and probably it won’t be any better during the weekend. Hence we decided to change the location to one that has air conditioning.
The new location address is street Smulikowskiego 6/8 00-389 Warsaw. The entry to the building is from the river side. We will be posting photos of entrance and how to get to the tournament in the closing days.

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